Benefits of Nava Kerala Lottery

Benefits Of Nava Kerala Lottery

Nava Kerala Lottery Was launched with an aim of Collecting Fund for flood relief Activites Across Kerala.

The Kerala State Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac has said that the state government is set up with an idea of starting a New Lottery named “Nava Kerala”.

Nava Kerala Lottery Aims to assemble funds for flood ruined state. This can be Said as Disaster Relief Bumper Lottery.

This Flood relief Kerala bumper lottery has an Absolute goal to gather fund not to create luckily winners.

Prize structure will be having 90 First prizes of Rs 1 lakh and 1 Lakh Second prize of Rs 5000.

Nava Kerala Lottery Is more than An Lottery for That Reason Many of us were compelled to buy one not only to examine the luck but also for Charity.

Each Ticket Prize Rs 250 and 1 lakh is the first prize and Rs 5000 is the second prize for 1 lakh lucky Winners.

Main Benefits Of Nava Kerala Lottery

The Main Benefits of Nava Kerala Lottery Is  We Can Be a part of A Social Work and a Great Charity On the basis of Picking a Lottery

First, of all This Not a Tiny thing We are Helping To Recreate Our Kerala State Prosperity wealth And Our People who Affected by the flood.

Here are some pros and cons of Nava Kerala Lottery.


Nava Kerala Lottery is not Just A lottery its part of Charity

Nava Kerala Lottery has One lakh of second prizes which is much more than expected for any Kerala lottery so far.

Buyer Can Expect A Minimum Amount Of 5000 Rupees as A Winning Prize money

which is entirely different from other Kerala state lotteries.


Nava Kerala Lottery Has Highly Prized Apart From Charity It is Just A waste of money for those who play their luck, a recent report says those who won the lottery is very few.